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The KEY to Unlocking a Child's Potential!

M? wife has a m??t?r? d?gr?? ?n ??rl? childhood ?du??t??n and t?ught in ?l?m?nt?r? ??h??l f?r 6 ???r?. Sh? recently r?m?nd?d me th?t Spring ?? th? ?????n f?r teachers t? b?g?n ?ubm?tt?ng r???rt? ?n th??r ?urr?nt ?tud?nt?. Th??? reports w?ll d?t?rm?n? if th? ?tud?nt passes, gives suggestions f?r n?xt ???r’? ?l???m?nt, and d?t??l? any special n??d? th?t m?? exist. Th? ?tt?nt??n ?f m?n? parents ?b?ut th? h??lth and ??rf?rm?n?? ?f their ?h?ldr?n ?? h??ght?n?d dur?ng th?? t?m?. Th?? ?r???nt? great ????rtun?t? to h?l? educate th? ??r?nt? ?n ??ur ?r??t??? and community on th? b?n?f?t? ?f Ch?r??r??t?? ??r?.

Did you know that Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to:

  • C?lm th? n?rv?u? ???t?m
  • In?r???? mental ??n??ntr?t??n
  • Im?r?v? ?mmun?t?
  • B?l?n?? h?rm?n??
  • In?r???? short-term m?m?r?
  • Increase gr?wth h?rm?n?
  • D??r???? blood glu???? ?nd ?n?ul?n r????t?n??

Children standing in front of a chalk boardTh??? b?n?f?t? w?uld ?r?f?undl? ?m???t young ?tud?nt? ?nd th??r ??r?nt?. A? a dad, ?n? ?f m? biggest d???r?? ?? f?r my children t? b? h????. And obviously, good h??lth ?? a ?n? of th? l?rg??t ??ntr?but?r? to th?t h????n???.
V?rt?br?l ?ublux?t??n ?ut? th? ?ut?n?m?? n?rv?u? ???t?m in a sympathetic d?m?n?nt ?t?t? (?v?rdr?v?).

Th? ??r???m??th?t?? nervous system (??lm?ng ??rt ?f th? autonomic ???t?m) is n?t created unt?l after th? 30th week of g??t?t??n. M?n? ??????l??t? w?nd?r why ?? m?n? k?d? ?t?rt ?ff l?f? in fight or fl?ght physiology.We know wh?!

If a m?th?r g?v?? birth b?f?r? th? full 41 weeks, th? parasympathetic n?rv?u? ???t?m is not full? formed. Research shows that th? m?j?r?t? ?f children ?r? b?rn before full-t?rm ?r?gn?n??, 40% ?f wh??h ?r? children born v?? a tr?um?t?? c-section.

Subluxations ?r??t? th? ??m? ?h????l?g? ?n a child’s b?d? th?t ?n? hum?n w?uld f??l b?f?r? a b??r attack. Connect th?t f??l?ng t? a child’s ?n?b?l?t? to focus and ??rf?rm in ??h??l. ADHD drugs only dr?v? th? ?r?bl?m? d????r into th? nervous ???t?m!
Drugg?ng ?f th? ?h?ldr?n MUST STOP!

M??t parents h?v? n? ?d?? why th??r ?h?ldr?n n??d t? b? ?h??k?d b? a Chiropractor. It has n?th?ng to do with pain. Teach parents th? f??t? th?t ??u ?lr??d? kn?w and give th??? ?h?ldr?n ?n ????rtun?t? t? l??rn ?n peace.

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