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The Amazing Link

Allergies and Chiropractic

I ?n?? had a patient n?m?d D?ndr? wh? h?d ?ll?rg???. But her ?ll?rg??? w?r? more th?n ju?t t?????l ??ll?n r???t??n?. She w?? ?l?? allergic t? hay and gr??n b??n?. As b?z?rr? ?? it sounds, h?r adult version was unable t? ?x??r??n?? two very d?v?r?? th?ng? th?t ?h? ?nj???d during h?r ?h?ldh??d: h?r??b??k r?d?ng ?nd ??t?ng green b??n?.

girl with dadelionAlm??t six m?nth? ?ft?r ?t?rt?ng Ch?r??r??t?? care ?n ?ur ?ff??? ?h? w?? invited t? g? h?r??b??k r?d?ng. Sh? w?? h???t?nt ?t first but thought th?t maybe Ch?r??r??t?? w?? m?k?ng a d?ff?r?n?? and wanted t? ?ut ?t t? th? t??t. S? ?h? l??d?d u? w?th Sud?f?d ??r?? in her ???k?t and ??ddl?d u?. True to the ??w?r ?f Ch?r??r??t??, she ?ndur?d n? sneezing ?nd n? drug u??. We see th?? ?ll th? time ?n a Chiropractic office. A f?w days later D?ndr? t??t?d h?r??lf again b? eating green b??n?. Sure ?n?ugh, n? ?r?bl?m?!

Many People across the world experience the immune-boosting benefits of Chiropractic.

Ch?r??r??t?? ?dju?tm?nt? d? not tr??t ?ll?rg??? ?r th? ?mmun? ???t?m. Th?? r?m?v? ?nt?rf?r?n?? t? th? n?rv?u? ???t?m to ?ll?w th? body to fun?t??n ?nd f?ght l?k? ?t w?? d???gn?d t? d?. A ?tud? ?ubl??h?d in 2004 ?h?w?d ?m?z?ng immune-boosting results f?r a gr?u? th?t ?t?rt?d g?tt?ng spinal ?dju?tm?nt?.

The Study

In th?? ??rt??ul?r ?tud?, 1,028 ????l? h?d ??m? f?rm of ?ll?rg??? (the most ??mm?n w?? atopic dermatitis ?nd bronchial ??thm?). X-Ray evidence ?nd ?h?????l ?x?m? proved that 98% ?f th??? ?ll?rg? ??t??nt? h?d r?m?rk?bl? ??m?l?r v?rt?br?l m???l?gnm?nt? ?n their m?d-b??k. Over 88% of th? ????l? w?th dermatitis who received ??n???t?nt spinal adjustments ?h?w?d m????v? improvement in ?k?n ?t?h?ng and over 71% ?h?w?d ?m?r?v?m?nt ?n overall skin ??nd?t??n. C?m??r? th?t t? 0% improvement ?f th? ??t??nt? wh? d?d n?t r????v? ?dju?tm?nt?.
Th?? ??n?lu???n ??m?? d?r??tl? fr?m th? study:

W? ??n ?t?t? that a tr??tm?nt th?t ??nn?t fund?m?nt?ll? tr??t spinal ?r?bl?m? will not fundamentally ?m?r?v? conditions ?u?h ?? ?t???? d?rm?t?t??, br?n?h??l ??thm?, ??ll?n????, ?nd ?ll?rg?? coryza.

This study ?? ju?t ?n?th?r profound ?x?m?l? ?h?w?ng h?w d?tr?m?nt?l a v?rt?br?l subluxation ?? to hum?n h??lth. The problem continues to be a lack ?f education. P???l? who d? n?t know th? scientific ?v?d?n?? ??nt?nu? to b?l??v? th? profiteering message of ?h?rm???ut???l ??m??n???. All ?ll?rg? drugs are d?ng?r?u? ?nd ?r?v?n t? ?r?du?? n??t? ??d?-?ff??t?. Chiropractic ?v?d?n?? proves that th? ??lut??n to m??t ?ll?rg? ?r?bl?m? ?lr??d? ?x??t? within the b?d?.

Remove the ?nt?rf?r?n?? ?nd ????l? like Dondra are g?v?n the fr??d?m t? h??l without drug? and ?h?m???l?. Society d????r?t?l? needs t? und?r?t?nd ?nd r????v? the l?f?-?h?ng?ng benefits ?f Ch?r??r??t??.

Y Takeda, S Arai. R?l?t??n?h?? B?tw??n V?rt?br?l Deformities And All?rg?? D???????. Th? Int?rn?t J?urn?l ?f Orthopedic Surg?r?. 2003 Volume 2 Numb?r 1

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