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Your Second Visit to Our Goleta Practice

Report of findings

On your report visit we explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

Upon their second visit the patient is given two pamphlets explaining the two types of care offered in this office, Corrective Care or Relief Care. An explanation is given regarding the report of findings they are about to receive. “Your x-ray findings, your health history and your examination findings are correlated by the doctor for his treatment recommendations for your specific health needs”.

“Corrective Care is necessary not only to relieve or reduce pain or symptom’s, but also to remove the actual cause of the problem. Relief Care is the care necessary to rid of your symptoms or pain, but not the cause of it.”. After discussion the patient chooses which care they want. The patient is escorted to a treatment room and is given a chiropractic adjustment with physical therapy.

Upon leaving the office the patient is given home care instructions. An appointment is made for their next visit, the time allotted depends on the care plan chosen.

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