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Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome with Chiropractic Care

Frozen ?h?uld?r ??ndr?m? (FSS) ?? a ??mm?n ??nd?t??n presenting to a v?r??t? of h??lth care practitioners ?n?lud?ng chiropractors, ??t????th?, m?d???l doctors, ?nd ?h?????l therapists. Al?? referred to ?? ?dh???v? ????ul?t??, FSS r?m??n? one ?f th? m??t ???rl? und?r?t??d ?h?uld?r conditions, w?th its cause most ?f th? time, unknown.

The Definition & The Study

R???ntl?, a ??n??n?u? d?f?n?t??n of FSS w?? reached b? th? Am?r???n Sh?uld?r and Elb?w Surg??n? t? b? a ??nd?t??n ?h?r??t?r?z?d by fun?t??n?l r??tr??t??n of b?th ??t?v? (while m?v?ng) ?nd passive (wh?l? still) ?h?uld?r m?t??n for which x-r??? ?f the shoulder are u?u?ll? n?g?t?v?. It ???ur? u?u?ll? b?tw??n 40 ?nd 60 ???r? of ?g?, is 3 to 7 t?m?? more prevalent ?n w?m?n than m?n ?nd it is ?h?r??t?r?z?d b? sudden onset, night ???n ?l?ng w?th a painful restriction ?f numerous m?t??n? ?f the shoulder. Common traditional m?d???l tr??tm?nt? ?n?lud? nonsteroidal ?nt?-?nfl?mm?t?r? drug?, ?t?r??d injection, ?nd shoulder ?urg?r?.

Th? ?ur???? ?f this study w?? t? d???r?b? th? tr??tm?nt ?nd ?ut??m?? ?f a ??r??? of patients ?r???nt?ng w?th frozen ?h?uld?r syndrome who r????v?d a ?h?r??r??t?? approach (OTZ T?n???n Adju?tm?nt) wh??h w?? mostly neck ?nd m?db??k ?dju?tm?nt?.

The Results

Th? f?l?? of 50 ??n???ut?v? patients wh? ?r???nt?d to a ?r?v?t? chiropractic ?r??t??? w?th fr?z?n shoulder syndrome w?r? r?v??w?d. Tw? primary ?ut??m?? w?r? ?xtr??t?d from th? f?l?? f?r ?n?t??l ?x?m?n?t??n and ?t f?n?l ?v?lu?t??n: (1) the 11-point numeric ???n r?t?ng ???l? ?nd (2) the ??r??nt?g? ?h?ng? in shoulder ?bdu?t??n (ability t? raise th??r ?rm from their ??d? as f?r ?? th?? ??uld g?). E??h ??t??nt r????v?d a series ?f chiropractic m?n??ul?t?v? procedures that f??u??d on th? ??rv???l (neck) ?nd th?r???? (m?d b??k) ???n?.

Of the case f?l?? r?v??w?d, 20 were male ?nd 30 w?r? female; ?nd ?ll w?r? b?tw??n th? ?g?? ?f 40 ?nd 70 years. Th? ?v?r?g? numb?r of d??? und?r care was 28 days (r?ng?, 11 to 51 d???). Th? median change ?n Num?r?? P??n R?t?ng S??l? score w?? ?7 (range, 0 to ?10). Of th? 50 cases, 16 r???lv?d ??m?l?t?l? (100% improvement), 25 showed 75% to 90% ?m?r?v?m?nt, 8 ?h?w?d 50% t? 75% ?m?r?v?m?nt, ?nd 1 showed 0% t? 50% ?m?r?v?m?nt.


98% of patients treated with Frozen Shoulder Syndrome were reported to have improved with Chiropractic Care


Mur?h? F., H?l, M., D’Am??? L., J?n??n A., (2012) Chiropractic m?n?g?m?nt ?f fr?z?n ?h?uld syndrome u??ng a n?v?l t??hn??u?: a r?tr?????t?v? ???? series of 50 ??t??nt?, J?urn?l ?f Chiropractic M?d???n? 11, 267-272

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