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Goleta Chiropractor :: Dr. Ryan Swink

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California into a family of chiropractors. My father, a chiropractor, assisted in my natural birth. He gave me my first adjustment within the first hour of my birth. My mother has been involved with chiropractic and a holistic life style since her teenage years, therefore, I was raised without drugs, medication, or vaccinations. I grew up amazingly healthy with chicken pox being my only childhood disease. I never missed a day of school due to illness. Chiropractic, homeopathic physicians, natural whole food nutrition, and physical fitness completed my health care regimen.

Goleta Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Swink

Dr. Ryan Swink

In high school I competed in track and field. My team mates often got injured with pulled muscles, shin splints, water in the knee, sprains, tendinitis, etc. While I worked out and competed as hard as my team mates did I did not experience the injuries they did. I attributed this to a steady diet of chiropractic care and good nutrition. My father attended all my track meets adjusting me on the field before or after running or jumping. By request of our coach he became the team chiropractor and took care of our team and the coaches waiving any fee.

Being encouraged by high school counselors in my junior year to think about my career path I weighed heavily on a career in marine biology or the chiropractic profession. My father’s enthusiasm for going to his office every day even after years of being in business impressed me. Also seeing the positive results that chiropractic made in track and field and the appreciation of my teammates for chiropractic care, I decided my path was to help people through chiropractic.

Chiropractic Education

After graduating high school I attended Santa Barbara City College majoring in human biology. At Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles I studied human anatomy, physiology, pathology, x-ray analysis, adjusting techniques, biochemistry, and other major courses. I worked one year in student clinic treating real patients in real situations. I did a preceptor with two chiropractors in private practice in Torrance, CA. It felt good seeing that I was helping people get out of pain while improving their health. I graduated with a degree in chiropractic April 2005 and moved back home to Santa Barbara.

I believe in, and live by, the fact that the body heals itself with the intervention of a corrected structure and nutrition. I pride myself in educating people about the role chiropractic plays in their life to obtain optimal health. I find that patients respond quicker to treatment when they are educated and understand their health needs. They are more committed to the type of care they choose when they understand the whole picture of physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional balance.

On a personal note…

I am fortunate to have a great personal and business relationship with my father making it possible and pleasant to share our chiropractic office. I thrive on outdoor activities which include hiking, surfing, golf, beach volleyball, softball, racquetball, and physical work outs. I busy myself doing health care talks at various businesses and in-office workshops on various health topics at our clinic. I offer my complementary services at business promotions and fun raisers for schools and businesses.I am a good listener and I have a strong compassion for people’s needs and a strong desire to help people through my profession.

Remember that chiropractic helps more than just neck pain and back pain. I ask that you give me the opportunity to meet you, to discuss your specific health challenges, and to learn more about how chiropractic can help you and your family. I invite you to call my office to schedule your complimentary consultation and evaluation, my gift to you, or you can e-mail me using the link below.

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