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Children & Chiropractic: A Study in Adverse Effects

Adjustments were found safe for Young Children & Adolescents

F?r over 100 years, ??r?nt? h?v? been t?k?ng th??r children f?r ?h?r??r??t?? care f?r various r????n?. Clinically, ?h?r??r??t?? h?? been ?ff??t?v?l? tr??t?ng num?r?u? ?h?ldh??d ailments, fr?m ??thm? t? scoliosis t? ?tt?nt??n d?f???t disorder t? ???rt?-r?l?t?d injuries ?? w?ll ?? ?th?r ??m?t?m?, conditions ?nd diagnoses. This article ?? n?t about th? ?ff????? ?f ?h?r??r??t?? ??r?ng for th??? t???? of disorders. It is l?m?t?d to a single t???? th? ??f?t? ?f th? ?h?r??r??t?? ?dju?tm?nt f?r children.

The Safety of the Adjustment for Children

H?v?ng cared for children f?r 30 years ?n ?l?n???l ?r??t??? f?r v?r??u? diagnoses ?nd w?lln??? ??r?, th? ??f?t? ?f the adjustment has b??n th? most asked ?b?ut b? ??r?nt?. When ??k?d ?f ?t w?? ??f?, m? answer has ?lw??? been b???d on my ??r??n?l ?l?n???l ?x??r??n??, wh??h r??ult?d in m? answering, “Yes.” A? w?th m?d???n? ?nd ?n? other healing d?????l?n?, the r??ult? h?v? to be v?r?f??d w?th ????n?? ?v?r time to prove th?t ????rt??n to be true.

M?ll?r and B?nf??ld (2008) ??ndu?t?d a study of ?h?ldr?n younger th?n 3 ???r? old t? determine the adverse ?ff??t? ?f ?h?r??r??t?? ??r? in that age gr?u?, arguably th? most susceptible t? ?njur? b???d u??n th? fr?g?l?t? of th?t age gr?u?. Th? study w?? b???d upon 5,242 ?h?r??r??t?? ?dju?tm?nt? and ?f the r??ult? w?r? ?xtr???l?t?d t? th? w?d?r infant/toddler ???ul?t??n that receives chiropractic tr??tm?nt, th? ?dv?r?? r???t??n rate is expected t? b? 1 ?ut of every 1300 ?h?r??r??t?? ?dju?tm?nt?. There w?? l??? than 1% ?f patients ?x??r??n??ng n?g?t?v? side ?ff??t? ?nd ?ll ?f th??? ?dv?r?? r???t??n? t? ??r? w?r? mild ?n nature; tr?n???nt ?nd r?qu?r?d n? m?d???l ??r? w?th ??r??u? ??m?l???t??n?. The t?????l reaction was transient ?r??ng.

The Practical Application

The “Pr??t???l A??l???t??n” r???rt?d b? M?ll?r ?nd B?nf??ld was th?t ?h?r??r??t?? adjustments w?r? safe for ??ung ?h?ldr?n and ?d?l????nt?.

In ?l?n???l ?r??t???, having ?u?????full? ??r?d f?r ?h?ldr?n with ???l?????, ?tt?nt??n d?f???t d???rd?r?, h??r?ng loss, b?dw?tt?ng, ??r ?nf??t??n?, ??z?m?, headaches, ??r?br?l ??l??, wh??l??h, l?w back ???n, n??k ???n ?nd m?n? other ??nd?t??n?, I ??nn?t recall ?n? ?n?t?n?? of a ?h?ld h?v?ng ?n adverse r???t??n. It is ?l?? of ?m??rt?n?? to n?t? that approximately 100% ?f th? ??t??nt? h?d v???t?d th??r ??d??tr????n ?r ?th?r m?d???l ?ub??????l??t? ?r??r t? ???k?ng ?h?r??r??t?? ??r? ?? th??r “l??t ?lt?rn?t?v?” t? g?t help. Th??? w?r?n’t ??t??nt? who n??d?d ??nv?n??ng on a ?h?l????h? ?r r?l?g??u? b?l??f?. They w?r? desperate f?r help. Th?? is n?t an ?nd??tm?nt against medicine ?nd pediatrics. It ?? ?n ?nd?r??m?nt f?r h?v?ng the r?ght care ?v??l?bl? when the ??rr??t d??gn???? ?? r?nd?r?d. Often ?h?r??r??t?? should be th? f?r?t ?h???? ?nd n?t th? l??t, ?ft?r ?x??n??v? ?nd ??m?t?m?? d?ng?r?u? t??t?ng and treatment ?? ??rf?rm?d.

These ?tud??? ?l?ng w?th m?n? ?th?r? conclude th?t a drug-free ???r???h of chiropractic care ?? one of th? b??t ??lut??n? for parents ???k?ng safe care f?r th??r ?h?ldr?n.


1. M?ll?r, J. E., & Benfield, K. (2008). Adv?r?? ?ff??t? of spinal m?n??ul?t?v? th?r??? in children ??ung?r th?n 3 ???r?: A r?tr?????t?v? study ?n a chiropractic t???h?ng ?l?n??. J?urn?l of M?n??ul?t?v? ?nd Ph????l?g???l Therapeutics, 31(6), 419-423.

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